Monday, 7 September 2009

A sketch of a flautist for an illustration

The sketch of a flautist street performer I saw in Glastonbury (above) was supposed to be for my new series of paintings called 'The Fairy Dance' in which he was inspiration for a piper. I have decided against painting a piper now, but hopefully I will use him in another illustration.  Sketches and ideas are never wasted.  The pen sketch (below) shows the flautist clothed in eighteenth century costume, ready to be my piper in my painting.  Hope he didn't mind me sketching him.  

Auburn fairy detail from 'The fairy dance'

One of the fairies from the series of paintings 'The fairy dance'.  This is a pen sketch of one of the fairies in my new painting.  I will post the finished painting on my blog when I have finished.  Although it's not based on anything from literature, I found the poem below, by Carolina Eliza Scott, and felt inspired by this verse:

The fairies are dancing — how nimbly they bound!
   They flit o'er the grass tops, they touch not the ground;
Their kirtles of green are with diamonds bedight,
   All glittering and sparkling beneath the moonlight.

by Carolina Eliza Scott