Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Work in progress for one of my 'fairy dance' paintings

Finished Illustration - Hooray!


I've added the fairy to the background and tweaked it a bit.  Hopefully it's finished now.  I don't know what to call her yet.


I have cheated a little here.  This is the background I designed for my 'Auburn Fairy' painting, but as it is meant to be a series, I thought it would be nice to keep to the same background and colours (plus it's easier for me, hee hee).  To produce the background, I used layers.  First, I chose a basic white background.  For the second layer, I painted some ivy (inspired by the ivy growing plentifully on my fence at the bottom of my garden) which I manipulated on Photoshop and made slightly transparent so that the white background showed through.  I then added a smaller, purple layer that became the border and I used the same ivy painting again as my fourth layer, which I placed on top of the purple layer, 100% opaque this time.  There may be easier ways to do this but I'm not an expert in Photoshop and this is just how I do it.  I use a Wacom Intuos 3 graphic tablet and pen to paint with pixels - I'll never go back to using a mouse again.  I'm going to add the fairy to the background now.

I have finished the detail on the fairy, now to add the background.


I then start adding more detail to the dress: folds, pattern on the fabric, the lace etc.  Once I've finished this, I'm going to work on the wings. I've pointed her foot downwards so it looks like she is dancing in the air rather than on the ground.


I then start adding detail, starting with the head.



This is the second stage of the painting. I have decided to paint it digitally using photoshop.  I have scanned the image into photoshop and tidied the edges and then applied a wash over the sketch.


Work in progress: This is a pen sketch for the second painting in the series entitled 'The Fairy Dance'.  I don't know what to call her yet though.  Her dress is inspired by a mixture of eighteenth century fashion, the high waisted 'empire line' is late eighteenth century, early nineteenth century, but the sleeves are earlier.  However, fairies are timeless and wear what they like and don't follow fashion.  I envisage her in rose pinks, with blonde hair.  Please check back to watch the painting in progress.


Dellani Oakes said...

She's lovely, so carefree! I like the dress and side with the fairies. Slave to fashion HA! She's wonderful. What a free spirited lass!

Betti said...
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Betti said...


I answered my own question and decided to delete that.

I think the portrait looks like you. Atleast, we know what you would look like as a blond.

Diana Evans said...

wonderful work!!! I love it...great to meet you...

Diana Evans said...

wonderful work!!! I love it...great to meet you...

Nata Romeo ArtistaDonna said...

love your work! it's magical :-)

MajorSamFan said...

I came by way of a Facebook post by Jan D. Holiday. Wonderful work!

I like to draw/paint (watercolor) butterflies and birds and love your nature pictures for the calendar, too.

And the little girl with the hot chocolate in the bottom right corner of one of the pieces - just draws my eyes.
Jill Bratcher

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thanks everyone for you your lovely comments :) xx

chriscondoleo said...

Beautiful! I can almost hear her singing! The movement in the picture is wonderful-I almost expect her to keep moving!

Reindeer Project said...

very nice work!

Reindeer Project said...

I wish I had a nice set of wings. Do male fairies have wings? Beautiful work!

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thanks Chriscondoleo for your lovely comments :)

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thanks Reindeer Project for your lovely comments, yes male fairies do have wings, hehe. It would be nice to have some :)