Sunday, 10 January 2010

'Dancing In The Moonlight'

I decided to enter a competition to design a cover for the magazine 'Imagine FX'.  I didn't see the competition till late, so I revamped one of my unpublished fairy illustrations (previously posted on my blog), as I didn't have much time to start from scratch.  I don't expect I'll win but it was fun painting and I'll add it to my portfolio.

The moonlight idea came to me whilst walking the dogs one evening, when there was a full moon.  It was quite a fresh night and the sky was almost clear, with lots of stars, and I thought how beautiful the moon looked peaking out from behind a cloud, and how light the night was, not quite as light as day of course, but light enough to see things clearly.  I imagined the fairies in their glad rags, having a party and dancing in the moonlight, boogying along to the latest fairy chart music played on a fairy flute and other magical instruments, or maybe even the fairy equivalent to an iPod, if they are hip and trendy fairies.  I sometimes get carried away with my imagination and my husband often wonders why I take so long walking the dogs at night, haha.

This is something similar to what it would look like with all the graphics in place, using the template given in the competition.