Friday, 8 January 2010

Sketches of my Scottish Terriers

These are just silly sketches I did of my three Scottish terriers, Dougal, Daisy and Millie.  They tend to be sleeping a lot in these sketches because this is the only time they stay still, haha. I had a lovely new sketch book for Christmas from my husband, and I couldn't wait to make my mark in there, so one cold Christmas afternoon, while Colin was watching 'The Italian Job' on the television and the dogs were dozing by the fire (or begging some treats in the case of Daisy), I got out a biro and a pencil and began to sketch away.  I had a cold at the time, so I only managed a few in the end.  I thought I would add them to my blog.  They only took a few seconds to a couple of minutes to do them, hence they're not that good, but I feel they catch the essence of my dogs' personalities :)

Dougal (above)

Dougal and Daisy (above)


Millie and Dougal (above)

I didn't get to finish the one above, which was a shame.  Dogs don't sit still long.  There are always cats to chase and postmen to bark at, or squeaky toys to kill...


Anonymous said...

Love the sketches! He's an adorable dog!!

Susan Rundle-Hughes said...

Thank you so much :)