Saturday, 20 February 2010

A Doodle - Mr. Perkins

Today I was waiting for my husband to finish watching a film so we could go out food shopping.  It was nearly finished but I was bored waiting and began to doodle.  Here is the result of my doodle: Mr. Perkins the dog ... a little bit wonky and rough, but it is only a quick sketch and I liked his face  :)

Illustration Friday - 'Adrift 2'

This is the second painting I did for this week's Illustration Friday.  As I had included my dog, Dougal, in the previous two submissions, I felt strongly compelled to include him again (I think it's becoming a habit now).  Also, as it was Valentine day last Sunday, I wanted to inject a little romance into my picture. I imagined a couple hiring a boat for a romantic picnic, with their little dog and a picnic hamper full of goodies.  Absorbed with each other (it is Valentine's day after all), they don't realise the rope has come untied from the mooring and the boat has gone adrift... The little dog has noticed though, because little dogs have more sense than humans in love :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Illustration Friday - 'Adrift'

I had two images in my mind when I saw this week's word 'adrift': Adrift on a boat and adrift in a balloon.  It is ironic because I have just finished an illustration depicting a cake with lots of tiny balloons tied to it, along with a fairy, going 'adrift'.  Therefore, I have decided to include this initially as my IF and hopefully another one, ie. the boat illustration, will be finished in time to include that as well :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010


This is my submission for Illustration Friday -  'Muddy'.  I thought I would follow with the same whimsical character that I illustrated last week.  This time I have painted Dougal the puppy, looking very pleased with himself, sitting in the mud with his equally stinky ball.  Dougal is based on my Scottish Terrier, Dougal, when he was little and the antics he got up to.  What is it with dogs and muddy water? Hee hee.  And is it just Dougal that carries his ball over to a muddy puddle whenever he wants someone to throw it for him, or is it all dogs?  He used to role in fox poo too, making sure he got it right in his ears and under his collar.  Mind you, he still likes wearing essential oils of fox poo whenever he can get away with it, but that doesn't happen so often these days.  I'm far more vigilant and fast, much to his dismay...

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Entry for Illustration Friday - 'Focused'

I thought I would have a go at Illustration Friday this week, if you are interested in trying it yourself sometime.  The topic is 'Focused'.  I didn't have time to start an illustration from scratch, as I'm decorating my art studio this week and everything is all over the place, so I finished off the painting I started ages ago of my dog, Dougal, when he was a puppy. Here he's focusing on a butterfly.  He's probably wondering if it will taste nice...