Monday, 28 June 2010

Hire An Illustrator.

I now have a portfolio on 'Hire An Illustrator!'... hooray!  It's something I've been meaning to do for a while.  I just need to produce a design for my promotional postcard that 'Hire an illustrator!' will include in their mail packs, which they send out to potential clients.  If you don't know what 'Hire an illustrator!' is, have a look at their website: They 'provide a promotional service and online presence for artists, illustrators, motion artists and agencies alike' and they represent the interests of over 200 illustrators (me being one of them now).  It looks a good site to join and has the approval of Anna Goodson, who runs Anna Goodson Management.  She writes '

I am very impressed with this website. AGM is on several illustrator websites out there but none have given us as many job opportunities as Hai! so far. To be honest, I am quite amazed and surprised how quickly this website has caught on and am very glad we decided to sign up. I also like the international exposure that some of the other portfolio websites don’t seem to offer.
– Anna Goodson

Time will tell if it will be good for me, lol. Bye for now, I will post again later.  I must don my thinking cap and sharpen my pencils :)


acornmoon said...

Hi Sue, I have just found your blog and website, you have some lovely images here. I look forward to seeing more.

Susan Rundle-Hughes said...

Thank you so much. I have looked at your website and blog and it is gorgeous :)