Thursday, 30 December 2010

Private Commission - Portrait in Elizabethan Style.

My friend, Rhian Doyle, asked me to paint a portrait of her husband, Alan, in Elizabethan costume.  It was for a Christmas present from her to him.  As I only had a couple of weeks to complete it, I painted it digitally and then sent it to my printers and had it printed as a giclee print.  Rhian's only request was that it should be black and white, the colours of Alan's favourite football team.  As I originally studied costume design, I have lots of books on the history of clothes as reference and I spent hours looking at the lovely clothes instead of working!  A painting of Sir Walter Raleigh also inspired me.  Here is the finished portrait anyway, and the preliminary sketch.   Alan was very pleased with it :)  I just wish I hadn't decided to paint a doublet with so many slashes!!!!


Donna Koepp said...

What a fun portrait. I love the black & white against the teal background. Very nice!!
Donna Jeanne Koepp

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thank you Donna :)