Saturday, 7 May 2011

Hunting for Fairies

Recently, I took two of my nieces, Mia and Shannan, and my nephew, Daniel, along with their mothers (my sisters) over to the woods where we used to play as children.  There is a stream at the bottom of the garden and the small wood is on the other side.  Apparently, I used to sit by the stream for ages and talk to the fairy folk, so my mother says.  With that in mind and laden with fae hunting equipment (I was a bit worried about Daniel's water pistol, but he promised not to use it on the wee folk), we decided to go and hunt for fairies.  We didn't meet a fairy in person, but we could hear them giggle and we found one of their homes, in an old tree trunk.  Mia could even see the little stairs up to the doorway!  We'll come back next time with a packet of rich tea biscuits and see if we are invited in for tea  ;)

Mia is deadly serious.  She has found a fairy house...

"There it is Aunty Sue!" say Shannon and Mia.  "There's the front door and this is the staircase!"  

And another suspected fairy house... 

"I'll carry this stick, just in case I meet an angry goblin".

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