Saturday, 11 June 2011

My Second Sketch Fest Weekend

It was Sketch Fest weekend again! Yay!  I look forward to them since I was hooked last month.  Here are the sketches I did this time.  I'm hoping that I'll get round to finishing them off at some point, maybe even painting them :)

Prompt - 'Dancing Shoes'
Model from Aehireiel Stock

Prompt - 'Dancing with the wind' 

Prompt - 'He loves me not...' 
Model from Eirian Stock

Prompt - Ophelia

Prompt - 'Swan Maiden'

Prompt - 'When I have a moment'
Model from Linz Stock


plantie_bee said...

hey sue! its christina lank/plantie from sketchfest ^^ love love your drawings you have such an effortless style. id love to follow you on blogspot so i can keep up with all the things you create :D

Marianne said...

Lovely pencil sketches!