Friday, 29 July 2011

Drawing With Thread

I meant to post this a few months ago but totally forgot! It has been sitting in my drafts section since April!

I regularly meet my friend in town for a cup of tea and a scone and afterwards we usually end up, in Shire Hall Gallery for a mooch around the craft shop and a nose at the latest art exhibition.  During March and April there was an exhibition called 'Drawing with thread', which explores the use of thread as a drawing tool.  I just adored this little book, which is made from cloth and embroidery, and I wanted to post it (sorry for the poor picture quality).  Unfortunately, I can't remember who the artist was!  I meant to go back to make a note.  I think it's so pretty though.


plantie_bee said...

what a wonderful idea! shame i am no good at sowing whatsoever or else id give it a try :P hope youre well!

JenLee said...

oh wow... are they stitching the design right onto the page?

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thanks both :) Jen, I think she stictched them onto paper and then made them into a book later by stitching down the spine.