Sunday, 28 August 2011

'Smile' Exhibition at Shire Hall Gallery

I recently went to Shire Hall Gallery in Stafford as I love to mooch around the exhibitions, which they change quite regularly.  This exhibition was called 'Smile' and comprised of artwork by thirteen contemporary artists on the theme of smiling.

I loved it all but I was particularly taken by the Julie Arkell papier mache display.  According to the museum guide book, Julie Arkell describes her papier mache characters as 'a mixture of thing's - partly human but other animals too.  She especially enjoys the idea of giving them rabbit's ears'.  These are the photos I took, not excellent quality as I used my trusty old iphone :)

I also enjoyed the work of Lucy Casson.  I only took one photo unfortunately.  This exhibit shows characters hard at work repairing an old chair.

Janet Bolton stitches her lovely pictures.  The inspiration for her textiles come from 'visual experience, memory, imagination - and sometimes from some quality inspired by the material itself.' (taken from her website)

Finally, Linda Miller embroiders her colourful scenes of people, 'always happy, always smiling and usually depicted within a story' (from her website).