Sunday, 25 September 2011

Fairy Commissions

I was recently commissioned to paint two paintings of my client's grandchildren as fairies.  She sent me photos of the paintings framed.

She provided photos of the children and I first sketched out some ideas.  These are the two she chose :

I then transferred it to cold press watercolour paper and painted with watercolour and added some details with derwent watercolour pencils and my old faithful karisma pencils. I changed the baby on the toadstool slightly.  The paintings are 10 x 8 inches approximately. 

Here they are, hanging up in their frames :) 

Friday, 23 September 2011

A little fairy I sketched last night...

Here's a little fairy I sketched last night.  She came and sat down next to me, on the arm of my sofa, and let me draw her ;)

(I used a beautiful photo from iardacil-stock as figure reference)

Friday, 16 September 2011

The Haunting Apparition

I finished the drawing of my sketchfest sketch, entitled 'Haunting Apparition.  I hope you like it and thanks for looking :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

'The Ruby Slipper' and New Facebook Pages

My friend and I recently decided to start new facebook pages of our art, so I thought I would shamelessly promote them :)  Please come along and take a look, maybe make a cup of tea and have a hobnob or two and sit back to browse the pictures and if you like what you see, perhaps you could click 'like', hehe.  Here's my page and this is Natacha Chohra's page.  Thanks :D

Natacha's stunning painting 'The Ruby Slipper'

Natacha Chohra's work

As I noted in my last post, it was sketchfest time again recently.  I posted my sketches, now here are Natacha's beautiful drawings :)  They are also for sale here, if anyone is interested.  Natacha also has a facebook page now, showcasing her artwork.  Please come and take a look here :) Thank you.

Outta the coffin

Fairy Godmother

The Snail Race

Mermaid's Treasure

Forever Young 
(Sleeping Beauty was one of Natacha's favourite stories as a child).

What is this? Should I start running now?

La Marionette

"Ticket Please"

They walk among us

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sketchfest 18!

Here's September's sketchfest sketches. I am so addicted to sketchfest.  Please do join in next month if you enjoy drawing.  I decided to put them up for sale this month and sold two of them, which is an added bonus! If you are interested in purchasing any of my sketches, you can buy them from here.  

This prompt was 'Asian Archer'.  I was influenced by the Japanese Geisha girl for her costume.  She's an elf of course ;)

'Fairy Godmother'.

 'Mermaid Treasure'

'Ponies with Gossamer Wings'. Not my favourite sketch but I tried to fit in a quick sketch as I only had 30 minutes left.

'The Cloud Painter'

'Floppy the Vampire Bunny' - the prompt was for 'vampire rabbit'.  My user name on ebay is Floppy the vampire rabbit so I immediately thought of her.  This image has been in my head for a while though, an evil version of a cute Victorian bunny Beatrix Potter style. I didn't have time to finish it as I wanted to put a gruesome border around her. I only had time to draw one skull, there should be one on the right corner too. She likes human blood best.  Watch out! Don't fall down any rabbit holes!

Morgan Le Fay

Haunting Apparition 

I was influenced by one of my favourite ghost stories 'The Woman in Black' by Susan Hill.  This isn't her, but the sketch was strongly influenced by the character. 

Masked Ball

Thanks for looking :) x

Monday, 5 September 2011

The Arctic Mermaid

My new watercolour painting of one of my sketchfest sketches, 'The Arctic Mermaid' :)