Saturday, 14 January 2012

First Sketchfest of 2012

I'm a week late posting them, but last week was the first Sketchfest of 2012. It was over 48 hours this time but I only managed to produce seven as I was busy with other projects.  Here they are.  Hope you like :)

The Ugly Duckling

Whimsical Valentine

Bird Woman



Julie Clay Illustration said...

Hi Sue, I love your work, I've found you via someones blog, can't remember which. There is so much on your blog, I'm going to enjoy looking at all of it. You are very talented. Gosh I can't believe those sketchfest sketches, so good and so quick! Beautiful.

Unknown said...

Thank you Julie. I must admit, I have added extra time to a couple of my illustrations: The gothic faery and Jo March. My original ones are on Sketchfest web site. They only took me an hour. Thank you so much again. xxx