Monday, 20 February 2012

New Christmas Card illustration for 2012

Here's an unseasonable, Christmassy post and before anyone says it, I know Christmas is a long way away (309 sleeps at the time of writing this or 7394 hours to be exact, but who's counting?).  I started this in December and didn't finish it due to Christmassy events and other work, so I put it to one side.  I needed a break from my illustration job the other day and decided to finish it, so here it is, Painted in watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil.  I'm thinking of calling it 'The Christmas Carollers' and it's based on my drawing 'The Babysitter'.  I'm going to make it into cards for Christmas 2012.  Ho ho ho.


acornmoon said...

Gorgeous illustration Sue!

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Thank you so much Valerie. Sorry, I didn't see this till now xx