Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"White is the Moon" by Valerie Greeley

I recently entered a competition to win a picture book by Valerie Greeley called 'White is the Moon" and won! Hooray, as I rarely win anything and I'm so glad I won this.  It's a wonderful book for young children using rhyming text and beautiful illustrations of nature and animals that takes the reader on a circular journey from night to day and back to night again, from the forest, to the countryside, to the sky and to the sea and introduces children to colour and time. I read it to my five-year old niece and she loved it! I'm a selfish aunty though as I'm not letting her keep the book, hehe... the illustrations are too gorgeous to part with it. I will buy her another for her birthday.

The book can be purchased from Amazon

You can read more about Valerie Greeley's work on her blog  Acornmoon and view her artwork on her website

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acornmoon said...

I am so pleased your niece liked it, thanks Sue.