Friday, 12 July 2013

Little Dragon Watercolour

I haven't posted in absolutely ages because I have been very busy working on two books for a new publisher, which I can't mention anything about yet, unfortunately, but I'm very excited about working for them.

I've also been doing an excellent online children's illustration course, run by Picture Book Academy.  I've been writing a story for it about a little dragon who has an unusual problem, but I'm having trouble with my story and still in the process of ironing out some kinks, so I won't give anything away right now ;) Instead, I thought I would work on some character sketches and here is a little watercolour character sketch of the main character.


acornmoon said...

I for one am burtsing to see what you have been up to!

and what, I wonder, is amiss with that little dragon?

Sue Rundle-Hughes said...

Sorry Valerie, I just saw this :) Thank you. When I have time, I'm going to develop the little dragon story ;) xxx